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Thank you for dropping by my brainchild! I hope you enjoy your stay and find some value in the service that crypto.press provides. Please note, everything is in beta and will change/break at times.

So why crypto.press?

It seems everywhere I turn these days, rather its regional or global, there is censorship. Now, there are plenty of causes and problems that directly fuel this social paradigm, but the one that stood out for me was the influence of ‘money’ upon the system of information – it is simply staggering how compromised information sources become because they, by necessity, are profit driven entities.

Money begets power, and power is inherently corrupting in nature. Before long there is a ‘narrative’ and ‘agenda’s’ – these lines in the sand divide communities the world over with a variety of result ranging from mildly annoying to utterly tragic. An evidence-based system becomes nothing but a buzzword feeder for a rabid and bias community that becomes so polarized that their internal narrative won’t even accept the evidence, regardless of how overwhelming.

This is not productive, Nor does this have to be the way.

Crypto.Press aims to solve this rather robust problem, but systematically automating every single piece of the collection and dissemination of information in the app to create a living information portal that connects the average cryptoer to the greater community.

In order to make this reality I have bootstrapped, designed, and developed every aspect of the app. The automation that creates and powers the pages is an extension of a trading system I created over the course of my first years in crypto.

There will always be a free version of the app as I feel that access to information should be universal, there are plans to create faster versions for premium-minded crypto folks who find value in access to vast amounts of information updating nearly as it is published, in a single place.

Thanks again for taking the time to stop by! If you have any suggestions or feedback please email me @ crypto [at] crypto.press

If you want to fuel the beer and ramen engine that powers this puppy and maybe make the world a little bit better in the process then by all means, pause for the cause: BTC:1DR5BGWKvWgS5fUFaNTdneYvM7pi1ge4HP

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