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As the crypto space has continually rapidly to evolve so has the mission and scope of Crypto.Press. When I first began this project Bitcoin was $180 and the alt coin arena was decidedly smaller. The snapshot of coins that has been running was taken 1 year ago and represented the top coins in the space at the time. The website was an experimental concept of a ‘living website’ that was driven almost entirely by automation. Along the way crypto exploded, fake news became a colloquial, and a dream of making all this data available in near-real time was born as well as seemingly a need.

Access to information should not be a mechanism of agendas and propaganda, but an unfiltered stream – The Crypto Stream (you may have noticed the rename on the front page) and the next step is an immutable, historical, & un-filtered source of information that is supported by the blockchain allowing a complete narrative to be formed and enabling the greatest parallel processor we have access to, our brains, to discern fact from fiction. More about this project in the coming months.

To enable all of this new fabled tech Crypto.Press had to upgrade quite a bit, but those infrastructure upgrades are now done. If you have been around a while you should notice a significant increase in page speed, this will continue to get better as a lot of the web framework is being upgraded to PHP7. The news engine is now exceptionally stable and is capable of sourcing at least 100,000 sources. With that, we will be rolling out a regional & local crypto news service that will allow you to pick (from a map) your region and get news specific that geographic region. The service should begin rolling out soon and will also be fully translatable on the site/in the app. The coins engine is ready to support more coins, so we’re going to be adding 1 coin a week voted for my you the Crypto.Press community! The idea is that we will end up with the most relevant and lasting projects in the crypto space.

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soldier-of-fortune-vesa-kivinen-crypto-currency-art-crypto-pressI’m also very Excited to announce that Vesa Kivinen, an incredible artist with a penchant for tech, is going to be featured throughout the Crypto.Press site and be our resident artist! Check out his art here, what better way to showcase that crypto success than a relevant beautiful art piece?

There are plenty more little changes (like the whole site is https now), but by the time I remember them all I would have to change them again, but my roadmap is to have Crypto.Press completely polished with all parts functional by 2018 (the year of crypto) with an ad-free version coming out sometime soon. Thank you, everyone who has been a part of this journey – regardless of time involved. If you have any feedback please contact us through the contact form. If you have a feature request please fill out the feature request form. Don’t forget to vote on which coin you want to see added to Crypto.Press!


More About Crypto.Press

Crypto.Press is an experimental project. It is an automated information portal that will eventually combine with blockchain technology to enable trust in our current chaotic news evironment with a trustless system and immutable records, if you would like to contact us please use this form

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benjamin-crypto-puravida-tours-crypto-press-sm Benjamin is a life-long entrepreneur, the founder & creator of Crypto.Press and a crypto enthusiest since 2012. An informationist and dedicated to an automated future where fairness is not a gradient, but a trustless part of society he spends most of his time researching and developing a handful of projects on and offline.

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