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When online gambling first came around it was at a time on the internet that was much more the wild wild west, there was always concern about even if you did win and it wasn’t rigged, how would you get your winnings? That combined with some shady business made online gambling a risky prospect.With Bitcoin and blockchain technology that is all changing!

One of the largest problems in online gambling is the transfer of funds but with casinos that accept bitcoin and even some utilizing blockchain technology to make their gaming transparent and there is a new ‘game’ in town. Without the fear of some third party seizing your winnings, it paves the way for a new paradigm in online gambling.

We’re working with ( ), who is one of the most trustworthy and largest Bitcoin casino guides in the world, to help bridge the gap for people interested in online gambling, but worried about regulations, payments, transparency, etc.

Online casino’s, online poker, sportsbooks, and other forms of online gambling are all getting a revival through Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies – but why?


  • Privacy: As an affiliate, we know that the majority of our visitors prefer to keep their personal information and banking details private. Crypto gambling is 100% private.
  • Fast payouts: since there is no central authority, Crypto coins can easily and super fast be transferred between players, and there is no limit to the amount. this is really important for the high rollers.
  • Low fees: forget the fees up to 10% with crypto transactions the fees are minimal when playing at an operator

Cryptocurrencies, unlike traditional currencies like Euro, USD, are 100% digital and designed to be anonymous and secure.

Crypto casinos are a brand new sector of casino sites that operate independently from the traditional fiat currencies. The new cryptocurrencies have made the casino experience more quick, exciting, safe, particularly when it comes to deposits and cashouts.

Ready to Play?

Then jump right in with the Bitcoin Casino list for 2019! 


Still not convinced? Take a look at some of these recent winnings!

  • March 2017
  • A female player was enjoying the Troll Hunter slot game on a 0.16 BTC wager. One spin put her 1,000% ahead, awarding her a fine 160 BTC win in a single spin! This constitutes as the largest Bitcoin win of all time (though this has been contested). The initial wager had a worth of around $200, yet it awarded her what would at Bitcoin’s highest value, has been around $4.1 million. In January 2019, the win would only be worth around $784,000.
  • The player, however, did not stop there and carried on playing. She went on to win a further 56 BTC, making the total haul 216 BTC.
  • May 2018
  • A casino goer at Bitstarz Casino sat down to play Caishen’s Fortune slot by IGT and received a pleasant surprise when they landed a jackpot payout of a whopping $265,000 worth of BTC.
  • July 2018
  • A man from Venezuela had his year rocked in 2018 when he took a spin on the Book of Aztec slot. The winnings earned him BTC to the tune of $206,551 is worth. Like many passionate gamblers might do, this man did not stop playing at the sight of gold. He pushed on, only to be rewarded with a clean-up total of $480,702 over a five day period. It is taken for granted that it may be the man’s most defining 5 days of his life.

Will you be next? Head over to get started and may the bits forever be in your favor!



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