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About Crypto.Press

Crypto.Press is an information portal driven by automation, it is designed to minimize the technical costs of the creation and dissemination of information allowing the bulk of the organization’s resources to be devoted to establishing a journalistic foundation with self-funded content as well as exploring and integrating blockchain technology to bring a much-needed layer of de-centralization to just how, by whom, when, and if at all information is disseminated.

Crypto.Press is a modular system that has multiple working parts, running across multiple servers around the world and currently only serves a clearnet service available on all devices through the web or via native app (see footer). What exists is a functional shell; an aggregator that can pull from any syndication feed, a ticker system that pulls directly from exchanges, and a control program that creates all of the front end code from all of these sources and posts it into the app.

Crypto.Press is the real world app for PRESS Token which is a crypto-asset being developed that will enable the communities interaction with portals like Crypto.Press via smart contracts creating a community-curated information source, but one that each individual member would be able to log into and self-curate as well creating the perfect information portal for them.

Our Mission

Crypto.Press’s mission is to collect and disseminate information as effectively, effortlessly, and eglatarian as possible with a focus on continually evolving via a central technological focus. Through a sustained effort into automation and blockchain technology we seek to add transparency back into a world over-run by fake news. While this app/website focus on crypto currencies, the underlying technology is being developed to be adapatable to any niche section of society.


Problem 1

One of the underlying reasons that drive our current media cycle is that the cost to entry is exceptionally high which in turn greatly impacts the narrative.


Automation as a Foundation. With automation as the standard go-to for accomplishing any business task that can be repeated, eventually a robust and exceptionally cost effective system is created which can create a sustainable environment with a focus on journalism and R&D w/ blockchain tech. Thereby mostly removing the need to appease the economic few at the cost of the informational many.

Problem 2

When disinformation is nearly as abundant as credible information and propaganda are a central focus of the media, like the situation we find ourselves in today, there are not too many resources available to wade through the frenzied waters.


Enter the greatest pattern recognition machine that nature has ever churned out… you – or more specifically your mind. When it comes to shear parallel computational power, the brain still stands king. The more information you feed into the brain, the more it begins to find a ‘bearing’. Crypto.Press is designed to allow you to find your bearings in the rapidly evolving crypto-sphere.

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