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Crypto.Press is a dynamic project, on the surface it appears to be yet another news site, but in fact, is built to be an entirely automated portal that can disseminate information from a growing array of sources.
For news, it can pull any RSS/ATOM feed and even, for sites that support it, real-time pushes via wss. Exchange information is collected and calculated, then pushed to the server as written code from a separate server.
Every ‘+’ or ‘-‘ you see on the site can be used to open and close whatever functionality you like. Inside the news browser there dropdown on the left, on the front page it is titled “Crypto News Feeds” – this is how you can change sources within the news browser, these sources change depending on which page you are on in All coins/exchanges/business logo’s you see on tickers are all clickable and dive deeper into their respective entity with more specialized and specific information.
Currently, just the creator, This guy. There is a project in the works that will combine with a decentraliced token system enabling a community takeover in the future.
You can’t directly, you can submit a feed here by clicking the ‘+” or you can find the submit link on any coin page.
Crypto.Press takes no official narrative, if we don’t have a feed it’s because it simply hasn’t been added yet. As the technology powering evolves the hope is that it includes as much relevant information as possible.
One man, many robots, two hands, an unfortunate need for sleep, and occasional desire to see sunlight, but feel free to suggest it below or help with a pause for the cause and donate some digital love
We have a contact page, freenode IRC #cryptopress (which you can join/loginto on this site), Twitter, or Request a slack invite here.
Crypto.Press will begin closed for registrations, but eventually will open up for premium features like faster ticker refresh, ability to curate and save a specific set of news sources, and more. If you want to be involved in this please utilize the form below and mention it!


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