How much does your business spend on trust?

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Now imagine if you could replace the cost of that trust, all of those varied transactions, contracts, and relationships and reduce that trust cost to the cost of some computers running on some electricity? How would that impact your business?

Update – August 2017


As the crypto space has continually rapidly to evolve so has the mission and scope of Crypto.Press. When I first began this project Bitcoin was $180 and the alt coin arena was decidedly smaller. The snapshot of coins that has been running was taken 1 year ago and represented the top coins in the space at the time. The website was an experimental concept of a ‘living website’ that was driven almost entirely by automation. Along the way crypto exploded, fake news became a colloquial, and a dream of making all this data available in near-real time was born as well as seemingly a need.

Updates Updates Updates… What is coming up for Crypto.Press in 2017


Crypto.Press crunches a lot of data and that heavy lifting has been done a dev box. The code has been optimized to support more crypto currencies then exist today and it is finally time to graduate CP to dedicated hardware. I am testing the new systems now and hope to roll them out without any noticeable downtime. As a user, you will start to notice more coins being added after all of this is up and working properly and in combination with the new front end server, there should be no more service hiccups.

Crypto.Press 2017 & Beyond 2017 a bright fututre

Somewhere in the distance the groans of old gears are heard starting up…[intense_icon type="gear" size="2" color="primary" spin="1"]

Crypto.Press has been a passion project for me for over a year now. As passion projects go, sometimes there is a hiatus when real life rears. Crypto.Press has been on one of those for a few months from a developer stand point. I rationalized it as an experiment for Crypto.Press as it is built to be entirely automated, this would be the first test without training wheels (me). This was back around October of 2016.